The Day We Learn To Masturbate

How placid was, that cherub’s blood
A zephyr, lost in winter’s bliss
Unbeknown to, last spring’s, sin bud
A cherished, childhood’s nemesis!

It lay there, lazing in, quiescence
Until time kindled, yearning’s scourge
Which prudence lies, in adolescence?
Which stirs a heart, to urge and urge…!

Of semen’s pride, and menses’ shame
Love’s liaisons, virgin despairs
The embers, which keep, aches aflame
O’er tombs of joy, naïveté’s prayers!

We cloister toys, in memories
To be pawns, to life’s wily bait
Set off on, sin’s discoveries
The Day We Learn To Masturbate

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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