Banality Rules The World

In the mob of, those who adulate
The Fear of God, Faith, Destiny…
Trust not bare truths, but lies ornate
Tow life like, a worn-out litany!

Tethered to a bread, and chained by rites
What else are we, beyond cherished fears?
“Why be a black sheep, among the all whites
Unsung martyr, to his blood, sweat and tears!”

From the breakfasts, to the nights’ orgasms
How stereotyped, are we, to regimes
How flood, life’s chasms, quixotic phantasms
When we don’t believe, in our ‘little’ dreams!

We follow False Gods, who top the charts
And not our hearts, the flags ever-furled
We ghetto our souls, in fear’s ramparts
For faith extols, “Banality Rules The World”!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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