Relative Racism

How forgot you, those “Ghetto Days”
When your brethren, paid Jewhood’s price
In Gas Chambers; met last malaise!
Would Nazis’ role, now you reprise!

You swear at them; those mean ogres!
And swear by, your far-reaching flair
Yet bestow clans, with jaundiced slurs
Who lost their dreams, to a White Nightmare!

Grand ethos’, of ten thousand years
Ain’t worth your awe, but your disgust!
When Western Wisdoms, Souvenirs?
Of Eastern Legacies, Razed To Dust!

Weighs heavy, on your intellect
The burden, of your ashen skin
Sever the two, then introspect
“Why Racism, Is A White Man’s Sin!”

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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