Do Dare To Blog In Bangladesh !

That Sonar Bangla, of Tagore
Is the New Auschwitz, of a bigots’ clan!
The converts’ creed, which plays in gore
Of Kaffirs, condemned by Quran!

Where Ishwar, Bankim, Jagdish… laid
The cornerstone of, renaissance
Now towers there, a tomb renegade
Of bloggers lost to, a faith’s nonchalance!

Lo and behold! Madrasas galore!
Where pawns, by-heart, faith’s decrees
Since jihad, leads to, jannat’s door
“Kill bloggers, for virgin lassies!”

The myth of, that Arab Souvenir
Which you adored, beyond your souls
Ordains to you, your ethos bare –
“It’s time to rise, and pay faith’s tolls!”

Why blood still bathes, the Dhaka’s streets?
Did faith, not have, its pound of flesh!
Crucify the Truth, for Diktats’ Defeats
Do Dare To Blog In Bangladesh!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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