American Digital Terrorism

vikas chandra

How cheap are we, to sell for free
In the hands of, traders of treachery
Zuckerberg is not first, nor the last
Who buy cheaply, Third World Downcast!

Every bit and byte, of our existence
Each text, email, message, whisper
Lay bare to the bone, to a pious pretense
To guard the soul, of a State – Saboteur!

They sway mandates, Mean Juggernauts
Who raze to dust, our lands’ ethos
‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Snapchat’… mascots
Of our rat-race, to a Mad Pathos!

No less deadly, than Baghdadi
This US clique, this dreadful clan!
To colonize, World-Democracy
Is the plan, of Digital-Taliban!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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