A Faith’s Ordeal

Stands torn apart, at Satan’s trial
A faith falters, at jihad’s altars
How’d resurrect, a fallen idol
O’er tombs of, myriad mean martyrs!

Enslaved to past, estranged to today
Two brothers, battle out, prophet’s word
In the Shia-Sunni, blessed melee
Faith makes, passion’s, hate’s, limits blurred!

Christened kaffirs, we stand, no chance
Against the will, of Allah’s wrath
We dare, yet dread, His nonchalance
In the name of God, Faith’s Aftermath!

Whilst a mother, hails, son’s martyrdom
Another sews, her son, piecemeal
Man learns to rise, and, then succumb
To the sublime sin, of A Faith’s Ordeal!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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