A Royalty On Charity

Bygone, those years, of dominions
When White Germs, rampaged, sovereignties
Yet a nation, prides to be, minions
To their majesties, with gross, pities!

Don’t you see, Her Highness, with a bowl
For perpetuities, begging on
A Godified Vixen, on the prowl
Hunts with White Fear, long lost, all gone…

Behold! Savor! Her stooping spine
And those of her, posterity
Parasites begets, a bloody bloodline
O’er tomb of, a state’s austerity!

How a clan evolved, to beg, to live
From the vantage, of vulgarity
Why an ethos learnt, to give, forgive
A Royalty On Charity!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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