Why ignoble,love’s noble way
When’s doomed to sin, their rendezvous
Who see the world, drenched in blasé
Amidst the storm, of a sublime coup!

A lizard yawns, on the toilet roof
Gapes at the, nature’s enigma
Why a shade of love, made so aloof
By Maker, or, manhood’s chutzpa!

The stink on wall, of semen stains
Sigh sagas, of love’s insolence
Of the sin, that lives through, myriad banes
Sold out to us, by lust’s pretense!

Two souls, who squelched, in love’s labors
Sink down in, heaven-and-hell’s spree
To rise again, to the tryst, that spurs
Sweet sins of, Midnight Sodomy!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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