Learn To Shine

Why hostage be, your glory’s sheen
To the dogmas, of a spent bloodline
Don’t fret your heart, don’t vent your spleen
With a rage pristine, Learn To Shine!

Those who trampled you, don’t they know
You came of age, past a spell supine
How a man grows mightier, blow-by-blow
Ain’t it worth a show, Learn To Shine!

Done and dusted, with that misery
Which brought, to you, a death divine
No more, a lingering entreaty
Won’t you let them see, Learn To Shine!

In the farms of mobs, bud diamonds too
Besides the men, with a truant spine
Bury bygone “you”, let your true colors spew
Paint the whole world anew, Learn To Shine!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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