When Faith Lusts Gore

Why fear looms large, at faith’s altar
A dusty street, which leads nowhere
On it, lay bare, sacrosanct slaughter
A headless man, with a broken prayer!

Yet a scream resounds, in pious hearts
Who deify fear, for heaven’s quests
“Why jail our souls, in faith’s ramparts
And drench ethos, in bloody fests!”

With blood why wash, a sinner’s sin
And call it, will of God, august
Why gore be shed, in faith’s trade in
‘Bad’ brothers, be lost to, Holy Blood-Lust!

Yet one more glitz, of baptized death
Same mob stares at, faith’s metaphor
How fear defines, faith’s shibboleth
Men’s impotence, When Faith Seeks Gore!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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