When Life Blasphemes, Death Redeems

No more is fear, faith of my life
No more does life, stand in my way
Betwixt the two, enigmas’ strife
Who owns me, in life’s, death’s melee!

In throes of life, for what, I lust
A jailbird flutters, its broken wings
No more could be, a psalm august
Than a life’s requiem, nirvana sings!

The lust to live, the right to die
Just set apart, by a thin red line
When life’s not a truth, and death not a lie
Both seem to me, a sin benign!

Farewell to thee, O bond bygone!
No less pious, than a pain, that screams
Be death’s pilgrim, than be life’s pawn
When Life Blasphemes, Death Redeems!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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