The Soul Of My Muse

The one with me, or the one you are
Which canvas bares, my mind’s melee
You are my art, or my myth’s avatar
And me, a thought, in a soul astray!

Same chase of shades, o’er frigid skin
What’s left in me and you, to show?
My palette, drenched in, sublime sin
Whilst you bask, in your, spent halo!

Who stands so stark, in the art’s bazaar?
You, me or both, in the trade of art
Better be martyrs, at abattoir
Than estranged souls, torn worlds apart!

How dare, I paint profanity
Resplendent in, her brazen hues
Whilst my forte weighs, her vanity
Lay bare to the bone, Soul Of My Muse!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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