A Tryst Not To Be

vikas chandra

When shadows, swill the sin of twilight
And your longing’s, all that’s left of me
With the hope of a dream, thru lust of night
I wear your love, in my soul’s orgy!

Is to yearn, divine! Dare my heart concedes
How else would pain, bloom in my soul
If not for you, why a mean heart bleeds
To pay so dear, forlorn love’s toll!

My thirst, on thy lips, thy beats, in my heart
Whilst souls dissolve, in unison
How dare could then world, tell apart
Which yarn is whose, in a love well-spun!

To make love, to a phantom thought
Alas, is how my dream, spends me
Yet, worth its while, your lovelorn bout
As you ain’t beyond, A Tryst Not To Be!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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