Suicide On A Friday Night

Still freshly fetid, day’s insolence
I ended week, week ended me!
Why leavings, of a life’s pretense
Is all I am, that man you see!

As world revels, yet, two more days
To stitch, its broken nerves, today
I choose to kiss, my sweet malaise
“Goodbye! My love! Let’s call it a day!”

How faith inflicts, the rites of fear
And death redeems, life’s enigma
May my end, be the sweetest souvenir
Of death’s glory, and life’s stigma!

How propitious, ‘Dies Infaustus
Untethered me, like a stray kite
Sweet barter, for a soul’s solace
My Suicide On A Friday Night!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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