Make Love To Me

Why yearns my heart, for the sublime sin
To dispossess, soul’s insolence
For that cherished chicanery, called “skin”
Ain’t lust, lone truth, love, persistent pretense!

I yet again, turn out to be
The slayer and the fêted kill
Why sex, is a scheming quandary
Beyond love and, lust’s unquenched fill!

The twain do meet, o’er a tryst
When talk two fleshes, one-on-one
Who cons, who’s conned, in this heist
Love is, but a game, in lust’s liaison!

Strip off my skin, till my soul’s in sight
Light up my heart, like a Christmas tree
May a rainbow bloom, in shades of the night
Beyond lust’s spree, Make Love To Me!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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