The Enigma of Arrival

vikas chandra

That land which stood, in wait for me
A man estranged, to a spent bloodline
I lost where tracks, of my history
I trace myself, to that stain benign!

Folklores that I heard, from a severed clan
Are more of myths, in the present day
Despairs to the thought, a rootless man
Who caged my today, in a time passé!

Which wholeness, seeks this, man piecemeal
Is past so much, lifeblood of his being?
To live sans-account, his Achilles’ heel
His today is a truth, worth disagreeing!

Shall I kiss the soil, of my bygone seed?
Whence I set to solve, my truth’s riddle
My tomb lies there, in time’s debris buried
Where strewn in dust, Enigma of Arrival!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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