I Linger In My Splintered Soul

Yet one more mile; eternal chase…
How many more, till the toil is done
If hope ain’t lie, nor pain, malaise
Estranged why I, to life’s liaison!

If I be, a pawn of destiny
My deeds, all slaves, to a prophecy
Then why, I live a litany
Replete with, myths of hypocrisy!

Why mind succumbs, to heart’s tenet
Yet soul defies, faith’s sacrament
I lost my being, to a stray silhouette
The phantom, of a man, misspent!

Would outlast me, relics of my dreams?
I prized to death, to pay life’s toll
I ain’t that man, unscathed who seems
What’s more, I Linger In My Splintered Soul!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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