Bleed Syria Bleed…

This Euphrates, which brims with gore
Once echoed, psalms of camaraderie
Why Mosul, Homs, Ghouta… galore
Are now, no more than, life’s debris!

Which cult of faith, did wage this war
Who won, who lost, betwixt brothers?
O’er dead sons, a mother swore
“Shia, Sunni not! Pain matters!”

So many crusades, of surrogates
Play out on heart, of an estranged land
Who cares for souls, in dire straits?
When faith stands tall, on hate’s quicksand!

How seven years, of faith’s aftermath
Baptized a land, in Satan’s creed
May glory be to, Allah’s wrath
Till the last bloodbath, Bleed Syria Bleed…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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