Shrines Of Shame

vikas chandra

Hushed missives, in black envelopes
Unheeded squeals, in vanquished souls
How faith dwells deep, in misspent hopes
Who pay to fear, womanhood’s tolls!

How one become, all feminine forms
When sinful contours, die away
Stray tombs of lust, in uniforms
Snared jailbirds, in moral melee!

Two questions, glare thru a placid tear
Resent black millstones, of modesty
“Why we, a penance, for a sin austere!
Faith, a means to avow, men’s dynasty!”

Alas, hajis of this, black pilgrimage
Tread soullessly, in search of a name
Drunk to death, with a spent outrage
Rejoice pious pain, Shrines Of Shame!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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