In Coffin Comes My Warrior Home

Betwixt love’s vow, and a martyr’s myth
He cherry-picked, the latter’s guile
To sleep beneath, a megalith
He comes today, with a plastic smile!

Why my letters left, he unreturned
To be this riposte, so tongue-tied!
Revels his land, martyr well-earned
And avows to me “Your hero never died”!

“Who’s nobler, than a ‘war widow’?”
Please spare me, your righteous oratory
Lost out my love, to my man’s machismo
Why wars are won, oe’r hearts’ debris!

How else to greet, but with a sigh
Whilst heart bleeds out, my last Shalom!
As I reconcile, to my sweetheart’s lie
In Coffin Comes My Warrior Home!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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