His Suicide Vest

Aflame is faith, o’er streets to hell
Where sons redeem, bloods’ legacy
“Fear shall decree, faith’s true gospel”
Which prophet, willed this prophecy!

Which armor flaunts, this cleric’ son
The one of faith, or that of fear
Shrapnel-laden, zealotry-spun
How lusts for hate, this vain emir!

Six dozen virgins, pledged paradise
What lures a lad, to don death’s cloak
Does faith demand, a sacrifice
Or is faith, fear’s true masterstroke!

No warriors, in this made-up war
No winners, of ‘Holy Conquest’
Just torn-up mankind, pain galore
And a mock-martyr, in His Suicide Vest!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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