The Halcyon Days

Shall swap all life, for a fist of sand
And a wisp of fog, I lost away
The sea azure, lush meadow-land
They ain’t the shades, I see today!

Oh! Long before, I learnt to long
A fief I reigned, of far-fetched dreams
Not far was then, a long furlong
Stray kite I chased, o’er heart’s extremes!

Barefooted strides, o’er scorching street
Or splashing thru, the bliss of rain
Which woe, could dare, that parakeet
Who vowed free-will, in every vein!

To yearn is now, my destiny
A window, to my sweet malaise
How soul consoles, heart’s heresy
That lusts to death, Halcyon  Days!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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