My Sixteen Lines Of Honesty

Same quest to fill, world’s unfilled chasms
To dare the heart, and pain the soul!
Yet the bait of vogue, easy phantasms
Abound, to write a hyperbole!

But I look beyond, the fib’s façade
A lighthouse that, stands out in mist
And set my sail, to that serenade
Which beckons me, from maelstrom’s midst!

Truth’s burden that, outweighs all lies
Sets soul, heart, mind, in unison
Then bleed out words, redeemed magpies
To sing scathing psalms, of life’s liaison!

Four quartets, ain’t they, much to state
A lost cause, and its entreaty
Yet truth won’t end, to fascinate
My Sixteen Lines, Of Honesty!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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