Last Kiss Of The Fall

Same longing, of last September
Bathed in the blood, of passion’s pain
Ablaze are wilds, in death’s rapture
Whilst life sows seeds, of its legerdemain!

Thy melancholia, is sweet as pie
A sublime sin, love reared in soul
O Autumn! How you glorify
Life’s renaissance, death’s hyperbole!

Your rustles past the, seeming tombs
Of existence, with lingering sighs
Are whispers to, the sleeping wombs
To bear, new breed, below death’s guise!

Can’t pierce deceit, that stalwart’s heart
The maple who dares, birth’s, death’s thrall
With a faith, that ties two worlds apart
Till bids adieu, Last Kiss Of The Fall!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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