The 18 Hours’ Mutiny

vikas chandra

When heart revels, in the throes of pain
And life defies, diktats of death
Don’t count the moments that remain
But that timeless love, in every breath!

May destiny be, that Lord’s prejudice
Whom made we, the keeper of, joys and fears
But who could keep, two hearts’ abyss
From flooding with, love’s fearless tears!

What’s left, any more, to consummate
When souls are one, in unison
Beyond death’s blitz, may I await
That seventh heaven, our love has spun!

No! Death ain’t ruthless, take my word
It’s as true, as love’s litany
Nor life as kind, when it mattered
Through My 18 Hours’ Mutiny!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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