Dare To Bare, A Deceit Debonair !

Mademoiselle! How much, per inch of skin
Each pound of, your ‘purity’s’ price?
It ain’t a worth, until you ‘sin’
To mollify, men’s ‘pious’ eyes!

Two tits, one twat, spin sex’s mystiques
Immortal bait, for a mortal mind
To top it up, a smirk, that reeks
Of that lie, called ‘love’, in lust enshrined!

Caged in the clasp, of centerfold
Or obliged decree, of destiny
Do shed it all, to be hailed ‘bold’
A femme fatale, manhood’s graffiti!

A grace unworn, nay, a world called ‘PORN’
Is what, we make, of the shame, we share
For instincts’ alibi, or a sin inborn
We Dare To Bare, A Deceit Debonair!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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