Beyond Quran

A millennium spent, to smear in green, two continents
And far beyond, the white occident
Whose blood was it, which now resents
That price of faith, cost of dissent!

How clans trampled, their existence, for a fear
And histories lost, to the conquest, of new sacraments
Never before, was faith, an art to domineer
Nor ethos, ever sold out, in war of descents!

With a cynical soul, a rootless clan
Dissect their state, of severance
The faith, which fostered Taliban
At crossroads stands, in dissonance!

What became of, an obliged legacy?
Whose saga sighs, a riddled azan!
Forbearance ain’t, a heresy
Nor a sin, to see, Beyond Quran!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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