Break Heart, Make Love

See how lay rendered, our love today
In throes of spent, faith and despair
Thru a dinner, then a crude cabaret
We ain’t the bliss, but the pain we share!

O’er wrinkled bed, and blue pillows
We play out, surrogate fantasies
Past a bout of, worn-out innuendos
Love’s no more than, what lust decrees!

From naïveté, to the hunger’s zenith
See the pain-paved, path to perdition
Was that a truth, and this a myth?
Is love, hearts’ art, or derision!

A love lost, to orgasmic spree
Lust bared to bone, thru that velvet glove
No more lovelorn, that you and me
For that prized frenzy, Break Heart, Make Love!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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