I Chose To Keep That Child Alive

Miles away, from penny-plain days
When bonbons smelt of, Maker’s joy
When heart and soul were, one always
I’m still abreast, with that blue-eyed boy!

That faith in wonders, never died
I still see world, with an urchin’s eyes
Long back done with, a king-sized pride
Better boy be me, sans the manly lies!

This ain’t easy, my ‘insolence’
To the rites, gotten from, times gone by
They say “Debonair ain’t innocence
Senescence’s laws, how you dare defy!”

I cradle still, that splendor in me
World left in scrapbooks, to archive
Bearing the cost, of destiny
I Chose To Keep That Child Alive!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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