Why God Is A Lie, And Faith A Fear

Makings ain’t enough, to measure up a man
Nor servitude, to obliged sacrament
It’s the lie he lives, to the death of his clan
And the fear he breathes, to his soul’s content!

Be the bane and boon, of original sin
Or travesty, of a myth divine
Man is that enigma, in this pious trade-in
Who learns to yearn, for a sin benign!

What heart believed, soul deified
Then why resents mind, fate’s decree
In tombs, rot messiahs, who prophesied
“Man is blind, to what, his faith can’t see”!

Mankind’s malady, fanatics’ panacea
How faith is, God’s travesty, laid bare
And man a shadow, of his spent chutzpa
Why God Is A Lie, And Faith A Fear!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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