Why A Black Man Is What A White Man Thinks

How black faith found, a white man’s boots
And white pride found, a black man’s skin
Is evolution, a gamble, of absolutes?
White’s a virtue where, and blackness sin!

Whose burden is, whose intellect?
Whose history precedes, whose oblivion
Whose race could be, more so abject?
Whose being, a prejudiced liaison!

Black tombs were built, o’er their white lies
Who were never alone, in this endeavor
“Black man loves being, cut down to size
To be a game, to a white man’s slur”!

Whose flaw is, his lesser existence
In awe of white, a black man’s jinx!
Who caged black soul, in a white pretense?
Why A Black Man Is, What A White Man Thinks!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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