When Hunger Talks

Love’s lastly, the art to consummate
Our servitude, to a sublime sin
When lust, takes love, on a blind date
And orgies of gluttony, begin!

Before the hormones, get to work
We cede, to the same avarice
Love’s destiny, is a certain quirk
When desire defines, substance of bliss!

We euphemize, ‘passion’s’ true creed
With ‘lovemaking’, when skin rubs skin
Whilst ‘hunger’ is that, ‘war’ indeed
Where soul gives in, for the heart to win!

Betwixt penis, clitoris, an aching abyss
Is love beyond, this paradox?
Or is it naught, but a lip service
To pay lust’s toll, When Hunger Talks!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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