Who Stole My Milk Teeth

Teeny twenty bones, my mother’s joy
She totaled apiece, to the heaven’s delight
“Don’t you nip my teats, mama’s boy
Relish innocence, to mirth’s appetite”!

But I did nip, my mama’s teats
Whilst loomed, the lust of redemption
I nibbled thru, life’s puerile treats
Until seven, I lost them, one by one!

Once done, with the rites, of cast-off stubs
I got eight more, all hardened tines
I lost taste buds, oh cheery cherubs
I savored gore, with cold canines!

And ten years hence, wisdom did find
Its share of fangs, in a clogged mayhem
But I lost recall, of that age defined
By tamarind’s tang, and peppermint’s phlegm!

At eighty, hollows all I have, no teething pain
Which ushered once, buds of bliss, in my barren heath
Why wisdom yearns, for that child inane
Who bewails in vain – “Who Stole My Milk Teeth”!

 © 2017 Vikas Chandra

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