Relics Of Your Love

vikas chandra

How sweet are the blues, of remembrance
A saunter thru, a love-paved lane
Still blooms in heart, that spent romance
Which rendered us, in shades of pain!

How love transcends, the trials of time
And heart succumbs to, yens galore
Had it not been, a sin sublime
Would love still be, pain’s metaphor!

Your ageless smile, your timeless lure
Still virgin is, love’s naïveté
How a heart could help, but endure
A smitten spirit’s, laissez-faire!

Still deep is the, scent of, your keepsake
Yet its blush, heartier, a notch above
In dying eyes, lives a dream awake
Dare decrees of time, Relics Of Your Love!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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