A Eunuch’s Soul

Why heart lusts, for a miscellany
That paradox, of the human stain
In a world, where man wields hegemony
Why I yearn, to be his womanly pain!

The one captive, in my body’s cage
Had hid from me, and the world’s deceit
How could she dare, a man’s outrage
And declare, “Man is a woman’s defeat”!

Now free, I am, of my ‘phallacy’
And pride, my phony fanny, instead
Those breasts, I’d buried, into dormancy
Flaunts them, now, a woman unbled!

What seem, whole truths, are glaring lies
What’s deemed untruth, is a scandalous whole
What world decrees, free will defies
Behold bravado, of A Eunuch’s Soul!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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