That NEGRO Lives On…

Why history, lays bare travesty
Of mankind’s chase, to be that race
Which dooms to trounce, triviality
And thus become, civilization’s face!

Why sun-scorched souls, of Africa
With the blackest, of the human skins
Lost out their being, to white chutzpa
And ‘Negroes’ became, a white clan’s bins!

How handy, is to blame a legacy
For the failings, of a lost ethos
Why ‘Negroid Race’, is a blasphemy
At the price of pride, sells black pathos!

Were blacks meant, to be, an enigma?
In evolution’s, prejudiced liaison
Is it black phobia, or white faux pas?
Hither and yon, That NEGRO Lives On…!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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