In A Man-Man Love

Would love be, such a chicanery
A poser, for sundry smitten souls
And lovemaking, blue-penciled spree
A charade of, two rehearsed roles!

How abstract, is that passion’s creed
Obtuse which is, to besotted hearts
Why prejudiced is, seduction’s seed
Which imprisons sex, in rituals’ ramparts!

The enigma of, lovemaking men
In sin baptized, an evil clan
Of vulvar virtue, and anal yen
How could Cupid lose, to Satan’s game plan!

If passion ain’t, love’s blasphemy
Just a factor, wherein, our phalluses shove
Beyond souls’ sin, hearts’ felony
Is the sublime spree, In A Man-Man Love!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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