Dimensions Of Sex

Strange tales of, man’s obliged instincts
At odds with, yearnings, of his soul
Why the world decrees, passion’s precincts
If you ain’t a sheep, do pay its toll!

How scandalous, is this cryptic need
Beyond the skin, our cherished sin
Is the outrage, in a rite hackneyed
Which seeks to flee, that prison within!

What’s faith to do, with the heart’s hunger
And scriptures, with love’s sacraments
Why condemn then, a freethinker
For a felony, our prejudice invents!

Beyond phallic fix, and vaginal vows
Is soul’s free-will, past coital specs
It ain’t furor, what a law allows
Dare deceits demure, Dimensions Of Sex!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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