I Hear That Silence Everyday

How estranged is my, sanctum’s nook
From the realm, that’s but, a strewn melee
How life’s ever-been, enigma, in my book
That yearns to be, a kite astray
I Hear That Silence Everyday!

Amidst façades, and empty words
I’m a man, ever-lost in yesterday
What became of that clan, now torn, in herds?
Each soul, seems gagged, by a cherished malaise
I Hear That Silence Everyday!

That God, His lies, faith and sacraments
Weigh down my heart, like a devil to pay
Why mind is a prison, soul invents
To quell instincts, beliefs betray
I Hear That Silence Everyday!

Why I chose, to be, my destiny’s child
Who pleads to death, a trial, underway?
Why man ever-longs, to be reconciled
With the mystique, buried in dins at play
I Hear That Silence Everyday!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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