I Want To Die Sans The Hope Of God

I want to die sans, the hope of God
Neither lust of heavens, nor renaissance
Nor faith, its fear and mystique flawed
When sublime is, death’s nonchalance!

That fear, I cradled, in my soul
That love, I nurtured, in my heart
Was it worth, at all, of that toll?
I paid with my being, torn worlds apart!

Let life be a truth, death, a philosophy
There’s more to it, than we can see
A flesh that dies, in the throes of dust
Whilst soul lives on, to lust and lust…!

For the only beast, who resents life
Death is more than, faith’s fallacy awed
Why be sold out, to figments rife
I Want To Die, Sans The Hope Of God!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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