Cougar Cougar Burning Bright

Cougar cougar burning bright
A woman, her unspent allure
Dare not yet, call it a night
When sex is all, but, passion’s cure!

With wilting breasts, on a golden tray
And wrinkles, veiled in maquillage
A pussy, drunk in, spent malaise
All set for, passion’s arbitrage!

“Never died that virgin, of the yore
How mellowed mirth, in ageless flesh
Won’t taste sublime, if not more
My lust gives youth, a lease afresh!”

To yearn and burn, with an ingrained sin
Is a woman, rendered in, black and white
Till the spent poises, unspent’s chagrin
Cougar Cougar Burning Bright!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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