Women And Kites

How tethered, are two destinies
By the tangled yarns, of salvation
To the altar, of life’s, vain decrees
And a lasting lust, for flirtation!

An ounce of being, and a ton of heart
See the substance, of her blithe soul
She tears her way, two worlds apart
May the pride of heavens, take its toll!

The mirth, which kindles, her to heights
The wind, which warps, her trajectory
The rainbow, which her glory writes
See the sky, lit up, like a Christmas tree!

Until their frenzy, falls from grace
They’re done with, all the worldly rites
Life lasts to be, a merry chase
Chutzpah’s face, Women And Kites!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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