Infidels’ God

vikas chandra

When did I seek, that saintly sin?
Which made me, a breathing blasphemy
Why faith is nothing, but a myth akin
To the lies of Gods, and heavens’ spent spree!

For a promise, hearsay, who sell their souls
To a thought, few left, to reign the rest
I ain’t in that herd, which ever-extols
Death of man, in this Godly fest!

My faith is that, sublime insolence
Where God, His lies, to a cypher, converge
Never worth, my timeless innocence
The piety, I chose, not to splurge!

Do call me names, I love them too
They’re truer, than faith’s notion, flawed
Call me Satan, must you
If not, Infidels’ God!

2017 Vikas Chandra

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