BLACK Beasts In WHITE Hides

When histories, falsify bloodlines
In terms of ‘lesser’, ‘grander’ shades
Then flaunts, a clan’s ethnic designs
An ashen hide, in pride parades!

“You ain’t the one, as white as us
Check annals out, who reigned o’er whom
Had it not been for, our skin pious
Had you made us Gods, and let us loom!”

“Bygone glorious yarns, of white villainy
White man, wiped out, black man’s history
That armor you strutted with, o’er our trodden soul
Was made of deceit, now it crumbles, after all!”

Why rake o’er ashes, of gone vainglory
And yearn, for the lost age, of apartheids
How bared you are, your racist story
BLACK Beasts, In WHITE Hides!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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