Misogyny And Intellect

Betwixt self-will and indulgence
A man, is that making, of Maker’s design
Who prefers to please, his dalliance
Over genius, ‘what a bane divine’!

Of the fistful those, in a billion blokes
Who choose to chase, their flair’s instinct
Ain’t bait, for detour, desire evokes
Nor can’t be caged, in faith’s precinct!

To cross the bounds, of abstinence
Who farm despise, for womankind
Are the Lords of Resolve, in every sense
Whose rationales dare, God’s profound mind!

How imbecile is, that love for lust
Which womanhood, sows in manhood’s soul
When Godhood’s at stake, why yearn for dust
May woman be, man’s intellect’s toll!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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