Hanging Boys, Ayatollah’s Toys

“Why spare the noose, and spoil the brood
Why hadiths, don’t these faggots heed?
Is rectum-struck, their rectitude
In ummah, who sow, blasphemy’s seed!

How smitten, are these infidels
To dreadful death, for their sinful creed
Let’s lynch this clan, which brazenly sells
Our faith’s diktats, for a felony fancied!”

Ayatollah flaunts, his piety
Like a zealot’s, suicide vest
Where lost, his all sobriety
In his zeal, of deathly fest!

Let scriptures alone, not be the guide
Of our, right’s and wrong’s choice
To free libertines, endlessly tied
Hanging Boys, Ayatollah’s Toys!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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