Why Blogging’s A Farce

If give and take, be the only rule
For a truth to sell, to buy a lie!
Being one in many, in this cesspool
Is a choice, in fact, we glorify!

Amid ‘Follows’,  ‘Likes’, and so-called ‘Comments’
How banal, is the barter, of trivialities
Why we love to be made, feel like two cents
In this wholesale bazaar, of travesties!

Yours ain’t that thought, which trends these days
Old school, thy class, lost ages away
Who shroud their charades, in wily ways
Are the kings of blog, in a web astray!

When death livestreams, over Facebook chat
And in sin’s arena, faith’s pushed to parse
Why ethos became, debauchery’s doormat,
Social Media’s A Scam, and Blogging’s A Farce!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


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