An Angry Faith

Do burn messiahs, if they do not count
In the pious plan, of a bleeding jihad
What one and a half, millennia recount
How prejudice drives, a noble idea mad!

Pre-empt a fear, with a hate divine
And call it, ‘Lord’s Wish’, for namesake
Better be a bigot, and toe the bloodline
When your soul’s salvation, is at stake!

Estranged to world, why a thought profound
And caged in annals, a tribe’s today
Is it all about, to hold, one’s ground?
How could faith, be led by hate, astray
How could faith be, a hate’s essay!

How to compromise, those fearful eyes
Who hold your faith, as bygone’s wraith!
Why love jihad, that, glorifies
Half-truths about, ‘An Angry Faith’!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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