The Unquenched Swans

Does love play dice, in ways arcane?
Why else would hearts, bear infamy
For an ounce of orgy, and penance of pain
Why would they, give in to, deviant spree!

Is this love liaison, cupid’s enigma?
Or a seed of sin, in seditious soul
An unspent lust, or a spent chutzpa
“These halves, can’t make a sexual whole!”

Ain’t blissful yet, to love, not long
For that avatar, of love, debonair
What sighs their, lovelorn swan song?
Bitter tales of, sweet despair!

Yet they meet and mate, to recreate
What the creed of craving, spawns
Be love a sin, to conjugate
Hearts and souls of, The Unquenched Swans!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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