Islam Scares !

How dare I pen, and then, not fear
Aftermaths of, a naïve blasphemy
How could a faith, be prone to smear?
Ain’t it the immortal, Lord’s decree!

Don’t think, don’t write, don’t blog, don’t speak!
How frail are the minds, which fail to stand
A wayward view, or a sound critique
How could a belief, be built on sand!

Is God, a manmade frailty
For them, who safekeep Him, with dread
With kid gloves, and bigotry
And adulate, hate and fear, instead!

Don’t faiths evolve, like cultures do?
How could a timepiece, dwell in past
For the fear of, future, and its due!
What doesn’t grow, that doesn’t last!

How does it feel, when your broods martyr
Themselves, for the blood of kafirs, unawares
Could more be the timbre, of a faith, starker?
Than the deafening blares – “Islam Scares…”!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra


  • Islam is far off from being a scary religion. People who believe so, should first try to draw the curtains of discriminations from before their eyes and try to study it from scratch. That’s how you learn something foreign. You don’t directly pick up Shakespeare if you’re new to poetry and merely leave it at Shakespeare. Or just Rumi for that matter. The former will convince you that there is rhyming in every line, or every alternating couplets. The latter will make you realise that only free verse poetry exist.
    In order to conclude a harmonised awareness, one must, with an open mind and heart, without any preformed biases or judgements, study what any religion is all about, not only Islam.

  • Taslima Nasreen also said, “We don’t want 7th century laws, we want modern laws based on equality.”

      • I researched her after seeing the quote on this post. Very interesting person! I’ve read the Quran and to me the passages about killing seem similar to some things in the Old Testament.. The world has changed since those things were written. Maybe the Prophet Muhammad meant, kill the godless ones who scoff at spiritual values. But even that is blood thirsty by today’s standards. The tragedy of gender inequality needs so much to be reformed in some parts of the world, it’s not too bad here in California. It’s. 2:30 am. I should be sleeping. Thanks for your poetry!

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